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Syria civil war period

Camouflage from movie

Desant na Drvar; the movie; 1963. This garment was built for imitate the german paratrooper smock

"for gentlemen" write on the button


It is an Austria first issue jacket. But maybe used for a movie
The epaulet are cut for put German WWII rank. The name Traonouez is an old compagny who have work for the cinema industry, but who don't exist at this day


Diên Biên Phu ; the movie; 1992. This garment was built for imitate the French paratrooper TAP garment

The guy at left have a good TAP56 or TAP54 jacket, The guy at right have a "modèle géneral" jacket

The 2 pants are not duck hunter pattern, they are good old Netherlands pattern, crazy no!


Street Fighter ; the movie; 1994.


Red dawn ; the movie; 1984 and Rambo III ; 1988

Copy of the camouflage


Silmido ; the movie; 2003




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