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Syria civil war period

Unknowns camouflages


Unknown 1: maybe Tunisia



Unknown 2a (Mozambique or Oman?) I have bought this as Mozambique camouflage but maybe it is Omani pattern


Unknown 2b


Unknown 2c



Unknown 3 Copy or build for a movie

Green color in the origine


Unknown 4

The garment has the French TAP56 cut


Unknown 5

Compare with 2 South Korea desert camouflage


Unknown 6


Unknown 7


Unknown 8

The second shirt is a Chinese pattern
it's a jacket that was disassembled and remanufactured to look like the other


Unknown 9


Unknown 10


Unknown 11

US WWII parachute material
The parachute material have receive wax or oil for give the garment waterproof


Unknown 12

Morocco army or sahraoui army write on the stamp


Unknown 13


Unknown 14


Unknown 15


Unknown 16


Unknown 17


Unknown 18

Compare with my 2 Egypt pattern


Unknown 19


Unknown 20


Unknown 21a

Unknown 21b


Unknown 22

Maybe it is an Saudi Arabia garment

Maybe same garment at my unknown 22


Unknown 23


Unknown 24



Unknown 25

Heavy cotton
If it is overdyed, I don't understand why the internal pocket are always grey


Unknown 26


Unknown 27


Unknown 28


Unknown 29


Unknown 30: The 2 following camouflage are generally referenced as Iraqi pattern

Unknown 30a

Unknown 30b


Unknown 31


Unknown 32


Unknown 33


Unknown 34: Garments from Bosnie

Unknown 34a

Unknown 34b

Unknown 34c

Unknown 34d

Unknown 34e

Unknown 34f

Unknown 34g


Unknown 35 a

Unknown 35 b


Unknown 36


Unknown 37

It is not Belgium Brush Stroke pattern


Unknown 38

often referred as Sri Lanka


Unknown 39



Unknown 40

Possibility it is from Kazakhstan


Unknown 41a

Unknown 41b


Unknown 42

Possibility it is a Bulgarian trial pattern


Unknown 43



Unknown 44


Unknown 45

often referred as Nepalese, cardboard in the neck and shoulder


Unknown 46

cardboard in the neck and shoulder


Unknown 47

Cyprus at left


Unknown 48


Unknown 49

This camouflage pattern is the same than the "Libyan pattern"
I don't know if it is a copy or a good Serbian civil war garment


Unknown 50

Chinese pattern


Unknown 51

same cut than the woodland aircrew garment


Unknown 52

Compare with Portugal pattern at left


Unknown 53

Very similar than the Nepalese pattern, but it is not




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