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Syria civil war period


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CE pattern vs other

Russia vs CE pattern

Ghana vs CE pattern

CE pattern vs India


MARPAT vs other

MARPAT and Armenia

MARPAT and Togo

MARPAT and South Korea

Peru and MARPAT

MARPAT and Singapore

MARPAT and Thaïland

MARPAT and Georgia

Gambia and MARPAT

Guatemala and MARPAT

Russia and MARPAT

Bosnia and MARPAT

MARPAT + Chile

MARPAT + Argentina



Multicam and MTP


Iraq vs Bulgaria


Bulgaria vs SWAPO

Serbian of Bosnia vs SWAPO


Estonia and Latvia old pattern


France C1 pattern + South Vietnam VMS


Yougoslavia vs French

Yougoslavia vs Slovenia


Lizard pattern used by some Francophone African country vs Cyprius


Kuwait vs Iraq


Bosnia vs Hungary


USA vs Belarus

Nigeria vs USA


USA vs Bosnia


Belarus vs Russia

Belarus vs Russia a

Russia vs Belarus b

Belarus (in center) vs Russia c



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